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Wuala Campus

Specifically designed for schools and universities looking for a solution to offer online storage to students and staff, Wuala Campus brings together all advantages and features in one convenient package with - above all - secure encryption.

How it works

You tell us the amount of accounts and storage needed. We create unique promocodes which can be distributed among your group of students and faculty staff.*

You decide how to distribute the codes. Possible options are: Email, personalized postcards, newsletter, booklet – the options are endless.

After having received the individual code, every user needs to follow three steps:

  1. Download/Install Wuala
  2. Create account (name / password / email)
  3. Enter the promo code (which gives the user the respective GB)

The storage is – like every Wuala online storage plan – valid for 12 months. After this period, you are free to renew the storage or hand the costs over to the single user.

We have experienced that staff and students appreciate the advantages of building study groups, accessing data from everywhere, share data and sync it between their computers. In addition, our solution resolves the question what to do with data if someone leaves the institution: The data can remain where it is, but future costs are beared by the user privately.

Interested? Contact us for your customized solution.

We’re looking forward to bringing Wuala to your school.

* If requested, we could enforce that the email address needs to match a certain criteria, john.smith@university.com.