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About Wuala

Wuala is a secure cloud storage, made in Switzerland. As the Swiss knife of cloud storage, it covers all the essential needs for professional and personal use: with Wuala, you can store your files securely online, share them with select others, access them from anywhere, setup automatic backups of your local data, or synchronize whole folders to the cloud. Wuala employs client-side-encryption to achieve a unique level of security. All data is encrypted locally, before it is uploaded. Your password never leaves your computer. Nobody - not even we as storage provider - can access your data without your authorization. Wuala's data centers are all located in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France).

Wuala exists since 2007 and is operated and developed by LaCie AG in Zurich. LaCie is a French manufacturer of well-designed external storage devices. Wuala joined LaCie in March 2009, sharing the vision of advancing the world of data storage.

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