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Thursday, 8 August, 2013

Hello Markus

Hi everybody!

My name is Markus and I've just joined Wuala's mobile team. I'll mainly work to support Bastian on the Android front and I am excited to help improve the Wuala experience on the go.

It's great to work with such a friendly and outstanding team and I'm happy to be here!

Tuesday, 6 August, 2013

Our new team member Shaun

My wife, my Miniature Labradoodle dog, and I moved to Switzerland from the USA in April of this year.  I am excited about joining Wuala and I hope to make many lasting contributions to the company and the technology.  In the past I have worked as a software engineer for US Army defence contractors and several Fortune 25 companies.  In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, hiking, and bicycling. 

Tuesday, 30 July, 2013

How To: Share Your Files

You shot some images over your vacation and securely stored them in Wuala. Now you want to show them to your friends. Nothing simpler than that. We made sharing your files not only secure, but really easy!

Let's see, here are your beautiful images

Right-click your folder in the tree view on the left and choose "Sharing Options".

First, click on "Share by Secret Weblink" in order to open the quick sharing dialog

You can edit the secret key or just use the predefined one and copy the link to your clipboard. Done, you can paste the link to your desired application or social media network.

Now for the extended sharing dialog, right-click your folder again, choose "Sharing Options" and this time click on "Manage Folder Access" (or use Ctrl+Shift+S on your keyboard).

Here you have the possibility to choose between the different sharing options. You can share your files just with your Wuala contacts, with a secret link or publicly. 

If you don't want to share your files anymore, just right-click your folder, choose "Sharing Options" and click "Make Private"

Your folder will revoke the shared access and will be only visible to you again.

Thursday, 25 July, 2013

How To: Use Time Travel

As we all know, loosing files is really a pain for everyone involved. The possibility to delete something by accident can never be completely ruled out. But don't worry, that's why we have our Time Travel for. Here's how to use it:

Here are some pictures that we're syncing across multiple devices

Now by accident, we deleted some files locally on our computer (you can see the missing images)

Luckily enough, we can use the Time Travel to get those images back. Just click on "Show Time Travel" or press F8 on your keyboard.

With the Time Travel enabled at the bottom, you can slide through time until you find your images. You'll notice the small trash icon below the files, letting you know that the files are deleted, but still available for restoring.

And now, simply right click the file you want restored and press "Restore". 

That's it, your file is now available again and will get synced to the different devices. 

Wednesday, 17 July, 2013

Welcome Andy

Hi everybody,

My name is Andreas "Andee" Frischknecht and I have joined Wuala to lead the integration and testing team.

I started my IT career back in 1999 working in network and Linux/Solaris system administration. Later I switched over to software development writing code in Java and C#.

I spend most of my free time with my family (that's my daughter on the picture btw.), reading books (at current I am working my way through the Spenser novels by Robert Parker), and occasionally I am active on Stackoverflow, sleuthing for interesting questions to answer. ("interesting" == stuff related to asynchronous/concurrent programming, performance-tuning, and/or obscure programming language features.)

I am thrilled to be working again on the forefront of technology, at a place where I can bring in both my experience in system administration and software development, and together with a fantastic team of exceptionally smart guys. I couldn't have wished for anything better! 

Monday, 8 July, 2013

Wuala Summer Special 2013 - Extended!

Because of the great demand, we decided to extend our summer special, the promo is now valid until the

12. July 2013

Visit wuala.com/purchase until this friday, and get a 20% discount of your Wuala personal storage!

Have a great summer and happy holidays! :)